Knitting Crafts

Knitting Crafts
Knitting Crafts

Knitting Crafts-according to Simple knitting (English: Knitting) is a method of making fabrics, garments or fashion supplies from knitting yarn. Different from weaving that crossed two lines of thread that are perpendicular to each other, knitting using only a piece of yarn. In the development times, knitting is not only used for the method of making clothing only. Various kinds of handicrafts such as bags, wallets, and so on can be made by knitting.

Making knitting crafts is not as easy as making other handicrafts. Knitting crafts requires its own techniques and abilities. This technique is used if we want to form a certain form of knitting. In addition to techniques and capabilities, making knitting crafts also takes persistence. Without perseverance anyone as great as any will not be able to make crochet crafts.

Basic Make knitting Crafts

Before discussing about knitting techniques, we must first understand the basics of knitting. This basic knowledge will help us when we later learn techniques of knitting techniques. If we want to make knitting crafts, then we need a tool that can be used to facilitate us in knitting. Here are the frequently used knitting equipment:

1. Hook/Hakken/hakpen/Knitting Needles

Knitting needles are used as a tool to form knitted by means of matching a thread according to the pattern. There are many sizes of knitting needles circulating on the market. Each size indicated on the finger signifies the width of the hook. The hook size that we use will affect the density of our knitted results. If we want to make the knitted slightly stretched, we can use a hook/needle that has a wider clasp size. Conversely if we want to make a knit that tightly, then we can use a hook/needle with a small clasp.

The size of the hook on the needle can be adjusted with the yarn you wear. Here are the recommendation of for yarn use and recommended Hakpen size:
1. Number 1/0 for cotton yarn size 5
2. Number 2/0 “3/0 for cotton yarn Number 10, yarn rayon, 2 ply wool yarn, local wool yarn.
3. Number 4/0 “5/0 for cotton yarn Number 10” 30, wool yarn 4 ply, yarn softly cotton 4 ply
4. No. 5/0 “6/0 for a yarn softly cotton 5” 6 ply, Cotton yarn number 30
5. Number 6/0 “7/0 for the yarn softly cotton 8 ply
6. Number 7/0 “8/0 for thick cotton wool yarn (soft worsted yarn, bulky thread 10-12 ply)

2. Knitting yarn

Yarn is an important part of knitting craft. Because this is the main ingredient that has the quality of our knitted results. Here are the various types of yarn we can use to make knitting crafts:

-Cotton yarn

Cotton yarn is a knit yarn made of natural fibers (cotton). These threads are commonly used by beginners or who are new to the first time learning knitting. Cotton yarn has a cool, mild nature and has a lot of color variations. Can be used to make a variety of embroidery, such as bags, wallets, tablecloths, and others.

-Mabel Yarn

It has a texture and is made of materials that are smooth, soft and fall out of ordinary cotton. The color of the Mabel yarn also looks more shiny when compared to ordinary cotton. The diameter is the same as the ordinary ICT cotton. This yarn is commonly used to make knitted like cloth, scarf, pillow case, tissue place and vest.

-Nylon Yarn

Nylon or nylon yarn has a harsh texture as well as shiny. This yarn has a hard or rigid texture so that this yarn is very fitting used to make a bag or purse. Small size nylon yarn can also be used to create accessories or trinkets.

-Synthetic Acrylic/Woll yarn

This yarn is not a yarn made from natural fibers. But this type of yarn has many interesting colors. In Indonesia, this type of yarn is often also referred to as wool yarn. Though acrylic yarn is different from wool yarn. Acrylic yarn is a lot of interest because it is affordable price for beginners who want to learn knitting.

-Rayon Yarn

Rayon yarn is a type of knitting yarn made from semi-synthetic material. The nature of rayon yarn is rigid and not easy to tangle. This yarn has a sense of falling and cool when worn because it has a smooth texture and soft. Rayon yarn is suitable if used for making knitted such as vest, shirt, cardigan, scarf, Scraf, pashmina and baby supplies.

-Polyester Yarn

Polyester yarn is a yarn made from 100% polyester fiber material. The properties of polyester yarn are lightweight, shiny, strong, elastic, not easy to tangle and not easily faded. However this yarn is not suitable if used to make fashion knit crafts because polyester yarns have low absorbent power so it does not absorb sweat. This yarn is suitable if used for material knitting bags, wallets, cloth, brooch and so on.

For more about knitting yarn, you can click the following link: various knitting yarn

Well that’s about basic things to know before learning to make knitting crafts. If you are ready to learn to make knitting crafts, follow the following link: basic knitting techniques

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