Ceramic Tourism Village of Dinoyo with Miss Yanti

Dinoyo Eps Ceramic Tourism Village Pt.
Dinoyo Eps Ceramic Tourism Village Pt.

The Ceramics Tourism Village of Dinoyo is one of the city in East Java that is famous for its tourism. In Malang there is also a place that is one of the unique tourist destinations frequented by tourists. Its name is Dinoyo ceramic Tourism village. Various kinds of ceramic handicrafts exist in this place such as Souvenir kingdom, jar or flower vase. This place there are about 30 locations that sell and make ceramics crafts. Some shops also produce their own hospitality. There is also an opportunity for visitors to feel the sensation of making ceramic crafts directly. It is aimed to increase the interest of visitors in this Dinoyo ceramic tourism village. In general, visitors will also be invited to create their own crafts using raw glaze ceramic materials. Usually, the material is used to make surfaces on handicraft products.

Dinoyo Eps Ceramic Tourism Village Pt.

Bu Yanti is one of the pottery craftsmen in this village. Uniquely, he used the gypsy as a substitute for ceramics. Originally made this gypsy craft because it was just a very fad of nggrape. He also admitted that he wanted to seek additional sustenance from the handicrafts he made. As time made this gypsy handicrafts became a hobby for Bu Yanti which certainly produces as well. The product or its first work is a photo frame because of its sale which can be mass in once production at all times. Unlike other products that have a season. Not stopping just in the photo frame, Mrs. Yanti also innovated to other products. One of the innovations is a variety of souvenirs such as wedding souvenirs, character-shaped souvenirs, professions, cartoons, etc. Souvenirs made based on requests or requests from customers.

Bu Yanti’s ceramic business has helped her family’s economy. Many orders come from various places. Not only from the unfortunate, from outside the unfortunate to the outside of the island there are also ordering the results of this work. If in the ordinary days, Bu Yanti can produce 150 to 200 products every week. But in one month this business can get orders 500 to 5000 products. There are several things that are always held firmly by Bu Yanti in conducting its business is painstaking, diligent, sincere. If we have done that, the result we submit to the above.


There are few messages from Bu Yanti to you who are or want to run the following handicraft business: “Whatever the effort, from scratch we enjoy the process. I am a hobby. “

This Dinoyo ceramic tourism village proves that good results are obtained from hard work. If we do want to try and continue to learn we will certainly succeed. Craftsmen in Dinoyo have proven it. They synergize to make their village as one of the unique tourist destinations in Malang city.


Mariberkarya has also interviewed one of the pottery craftsmen there. Here’s the video:

These are some things you need to know about the Dinoyo ceramic tourism village. For those of you who want to visit it, you can go directly to:
Jl. Mt. Haryono XIII No. 450, Dinoyo, District Lowokwaru, Dinoyo, Kec. Lowokwaru, Malang City, East Java 65144

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Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.

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