Batik Megamendung in Cirebon and its history


Batik Megamendung is one of the typical Indonesian batik that is quite famous in the world. Batik Megamendung is one of batik motif that originated from Cirebon area. This Batik can be found in various regions but it would be great if you look for it in its original area that is Cirebon. Many batik shops in Cirebon decorate their collections with mega batik cloudy. One of them is Batik Trusmi. There you can find a lot of choices of batik motif one of the mega Batik cloudy. To learn more about batik Trusmi, you can read the following article: Success story Sally Giovanny Owner of Batik Trusmi

Batik Megamendung has a Characteristic

Batik Megamendung is a typical batik motif Cirebon already known to the world. But what difference is the mega motif batik cloudy with other motif batik. You need to know that Batik Megamendung has a high philosophy towards its users. The user of batik motif is expected to control anger, attitudes, actions and behaviors while in a sad condition. It is like clouds in cloudy conditions that can cool down the surrounding atmosphere and eliminate the cloudy. That is why Batik Megamendung motif is made to resemble clouds.

Batik Megamendung and historical

Batik Megamendung or batik Mega mendung? Two word that have same meaning. Because it will refer to the same object that is a batik pattern that is the identity of Cirebon. This batik that has been worldwide. Every batik Megamendung motif contains a high philosophy of the wearer. Every human being must be able to dampen anger in a downed or sad condition. In addition to the conditions that reflect a situation where when receiving mental stress we must be able to control attitudes, actions, and behaviors in a positive context. It is essentially a wise attitude under any circumstances especially when clouds are cloudy (sad, downcast, afflicted, and others).

Like a cloud that always comes when a cloudy atmosphere occurs that can cool down the atmosphere around it. Every color that arises in every motif of batik Megamendung is a representation of a leadership that nurturing (wise) people. It is shown in the blue (the nature of a leader) combined with a gradation of color as many as seven coats in the ornament of the ruler, to represent the form of a celestial layer of seven, as well as the earth that has 7 layers of land, and 7 days In a week. Mega Batik Motif Cloudy may look simple, but it is full of sublime meaning.

why 7

We need to know also that currently the number of color gradations formed is not always as much as seven because of the demands of diverse market demand, even there is also the kind of cloudy mega batik that has no gradation at all. Do we then crash into the mega batik motif in the case of removing or reducing the amount of color gradation? Does that philosophy become faded? These questions can be the material of our discussion as a fellow Indonesian batik lover.

If we review from the corner of the philosophy is very unlikely to reduce the level of color gradation of batik Megamendung because it will reduce the essence of the sublime value of a mega-written batik cloth itself that is indirectly Harm the nation’s culture. It is better to be named as a motif if there is a minor motive, so that the next generation is not mistaken in judging mega Batik cloudy.

History of Batik Megamendung

The history of Batik Megamendung is if it is reviewed based on the reference source of the book as well as the literature that will lead to a history of the arrival of the Chinese nation to Cirebon which in turn refers to the wedding of Sunan Gunung Jati with Queen Ong Tien in the 16th century. Then the people of Cirebon know some Chinese art objects such as plates, ceramics, and fabrics that have a form of cloud motif.

The cloud in the Taoist sense symbolizes nirvana as a picture of a vast, timeless, free and meaningful transition to the divine concept. The clouds are also represented by the Sufi as a common expression of a wide and free concept.

the history

This is the concern of the artists of Cirebon batik to be poured into batik cloth into a new motif that is the mega batik motif cloudy. One thing that distinguishes between Chinese batik motifs with cloudy mega batik is on the pattern of clouds formed where batik china motif has a circle shaped clouds or circles, while the mega batik is cloudy in the form of a cloud line that tends to Taper, oblong, and triangle.

Another history says that the development of Cirebon Batik is also related to the history of movements of the movement of the congregation who served in the palace of Cirebon as a source of income to fund the group of Orders. The group lives in Trusmi village which is located 4 km from Cirebon Palace.

History of Pattern

History of the emergence of Megamendung motifs based on the book and literature that has always lead to the history of the arrival of Chinese people to Cirebon. It is not surprising because Muara Jati port in Cirebon is a stopover place for domestic and foreign immigrants. It is clearly recorded in history that Sunan Gunung Jati who spread Islamic religion in Cirebon in the 16th century, married queen Ong Tien of China. Some art objects brought from China such as ceramics, plates and fabrics are decorated in the form of clouds.

In Taoist understand, the cloud form symbolizes the top world. The form of clouds is a world-wide picture, free and has transidental (godhead) meaning. The concept of the clouds was also influential in the World of Islamic solitude in the 16th century, which the Sufi used for the expression of the great world or the wilderness.

the history

The wedding of Sunan Gunung Jati with Queen Ong Tien becomes the gateway to the entrance of Chinese culture and traditions to Cirebon. The Keraton artisans pour Chinese culture and traditions into the batik motifs they make. But with a special touch of Cirebon, so there is a difference between the Megamendung motif of China and that of Cirebon. For example, in the Chinese Megamendung motif, the cloud line is a circle or circular, while that of Cirebon, the cloud line tends to oblong, taper and triangular.

The history of Batik in Cirebon is also related to the development of order movement which is said to be centered in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. Batik was initially done by members of the court who served in the palace as an economic source to finance the order group. The followers of the order live in the village of Trusmi and its surroundings. The village is located about 4 km from Cirebon heading to the southwest or heading towards Bandung. Therefore, until the Cirebon batik sekarng identical with Trusmi batik.

Motive elements

Megamendung Motif that at first always have a blue color interspersed with red color, describing the masculinity and dynamic atmosphere, because in the process of making there is male intervention. The male members of the tribe who initially pioneered batik tradition. Blue and dark red colors also depict the public psychology of the Lugas, open and egalitarian peoples.

In addition, the blue color is also said to symbolize the color of the sky is wide, friendly and calm and symbolize the rain bearer who awaited as a bearer of fertility and life givers. The blue color is used from the light blue color to the dark blue color. The light blue depicts a brighter and darker blue life depicting a dark cloud that contains rainwater and gives life.

In its development, Megamendung motif experienced many developments and modified according to market demand. Megamendung motif combined with animal motifs, flowers or other motifs. In fact, the merger of these motifs has been done by traditional batik artisans since then, but the development became very rapidly with the intervention of fashion designers. In addition to the motif, the color of Megamendung motif originally blue and red, now evolved into a variety of colors. There is a megamendung motif that is yellow, green, brown and others.

Production process

The production process that was done in batik tulis and batik cap, with the consideration of economical produced massively by means of printed (printing) in factories. Although the fabric of Megamendung patterned produced with this kind of process can not be called by batik.

The form of a megamendungpun motif that used to be known only in the form of batik cloth, can now be found in various forms of goods. There are glass painting wall decorations, interior products such as wood carving or household appliances products such as pillowcases, bed sheets, tablecloths and others.

The philosophy of Batik MegaMendung

The motive Megamendung used by the people of Cirebon as a basic batik pattern is no longer foreign to Indonesian batik lovers, as well as for batik lovers community abroad. The proof of the popularity of the batik Megamendung originated from Cirebon was used as a cover of a batik book foreign issue titled Batik Design by Pepin Van Roojen the Dutch people.

The history of Megamendung motifs adopted by the people of Cirebon taken from a variety of books and literature. It always leads to the history of the arrival of Chinese people who came to Cirebon. It is clearly recorded in the history that Sunan Gunungjati married queen Ong Tien of China. Some art objects brought from China include ceramics, plates, cloth decorated with cloud shapes. The form of aan in various cultures symbolize the world over when taken from Taoist understand. The form of clouds is a world-wide picture, free and has transidental (godhead) meaning. The concept of this cloud also affects the world of Islamic solitude in the 16th century used by the Sufi people for the expression of the great world or the wilderness.

The basic values in Batik Megamendung

The basic values in any art included in the art of batik Megamendung motif can be approached as follows:

a. Appearance value (appearance)

The value of appearance or form value that gives birth to art objects. This value consists of a form value and a structure value. The value of the shape that can be seen visually is megamendung motif in a beautiful cloth. While in the value of the structure is produced from the forms that are arranged in such a way based on essential values. These forms are curved lines arranged and unbroken to meet each other.

b. Content value

The Value of content that can consist of knowledge value (cognition), taste value, intuition or human subconscious, the value of the idea, and the value of the message or the value of life (values) that can consist of moral, social value, religious value, etc.

In Megamendung form we can see a regular curved line of the most deep curved lines (shrink) and then widen out (enlarged) to show the regular movement harmoniously. It can be said that this irregular curved line carries a moral message in human life. It constantly changing (up and down) then evolves out to seek identity (learning/living the social life of religion). In the end brings itself into a new world headed back into self-unification after through ups and downs (ascending and descending) eventually returning to its origin (Sunnatullah). So we can see the form of Megamendung always formed from a small arch that moves enlarged continuously out and in the end must return again into a small round but should not be disconnected.

the philosophy

Apart from the philosophy that Megamendung symbolizes human life in its entirety so that its shape must be fused. Judging from the production side does require that the shape of the Megamendung curve should meet at one next curved point so that when the colour in the process is gradual (from the light color to the old color) can be more convenient.

When we look at it, we will get that Megamendung form a lot of variation. There is a taper shaped at the ends and there are rounded round shaped at the ends. Some of them have angled shaped curves of the complete shape. For beginner batik artisans who are unfamiliar with the process of making the difficulty. Similarly, craftsmen who do not understand their meaning and philosophy. What to note again is that Megamendung motif is almost similar to Wadasan motif. But not the same placement with Wadasan motif (need to be studied on next occasion).

c. Value of disclosure (presentation)

A disclosure value that can demonstrate the value of a person’s personal talent, skill value, and medium value. The expression presented by the artist in the form of batik process is so beautiful by giving a stroke of wax through a tool called canting made of thin copper material that is formed carefully so that the hot wax that passes through the tip of the canting can flow smoothly.

The blend of color elements is harmonious with meaning to who sees it. The blue element that we know by symbolizing the color of the sky is so wide, friendly and calm. Some mean that blue symbolizes fertility so that the color of batik Megamendung at first always give the element of blue color.

The development of batik world is growing with the demand of batik so varied. Megamendung motifs are many modified with a variety of approaches, as follows:

1. Motif form

The shape of Megamendung motif at present is changed and modified according to market demand among them by the fashion designer community. It is undeniable that a group of fashion designers gave a huge share of the progress of batik, including to lift Megamendung motifs. This motif has been combined with motifs of animal forms, flowers or other motive elements. In fact, the existence of Megamendung motif combined with other motives has existed since the first and has been created by traditional batik artists. But lately after being adopted in total by fashion designer, Batik’s motif Megamendung is growing rapidly.

2. Production process

The process of batik production of Megamendung which was formerly done by Batik Tulis and batik cap, is now developed by the process of printing production. Thus the production price can be reduced cheaper. Although Megamendung patterned fabric made with the screen printing process can not be called batik. But the commercial motif Megamendung is a soft target for textile producers who can produce many advantages.

3. Production form

The existence of production objects in the present, which is wearing in Megamendung motif is no longer in the form of batik cloth. Megamendung Motif is used as wall decoration of glass painting. In the interior product in the form of wood carving, unisex used as products of pillowcases, bed sheets, tablecloths (household) and others.

Batik connoisseurs that make megamendung motif is a very sublime and meaningful masterpiece. The use of Megamendung motifs should be maintained properly and placed accordingly. We as a society of Indonesia does not restrict how to form Megamendung motif produced. But at least not use megamendung or other batik motif on the form that is not worthy. Such as guns, toilets and so on.

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