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Basic Knitting Techniques – once you’ve previously learned about knitting crafts. Make sure you understand first about basic knitting crafts and anything that needs to be prepared to start making knitting crafts. In this article will be discussed more in the direction of techniques that you can use to knit. You can also try to better understand it. But before you learn about basic knitting techniques, remember the following terms:

If you already understand the above terms, you can learn the next step. If you want to try directly the following basic knitting techniques, you have to prepare the tools first. The tools that need to be prepared are at least 1 hakpen, 1 scissor and knitting yarn to taste. Once you’ve set everything up, you can try one of the following basic knitting techniques:

Various basic knitting techniques (crochet)

First technique

Chain stitch (ch) = puncture ranta
i1. Form a circle of yarn, hook the needle and pull the yarn through the puncture hole (stitch).
2. Pull the benang3 t
ip. Hook the needle and pull again through the puncture hole (stitch).

Slip Stitch (SL st) = Skewer seli
p1. Puncture the needle on the sidelines of the stitch2 ho
le. Hook the yarn, then pull past the hole stitch.

Picot = 3 Chain cluster
1. Create 3 skewers RANTA
I2. Puncture the needle in the same stitch hole when making ranta
i3. Hook the yarn, then remove it like making a slip stitch.

Single Crochet (SC) = puncture tungga
l1. Create a CH (chain), puncture the needle on the second CH of the needle.
2. Thread hook out.
3. Hook the yarn, then pull through the stitch holes so that the remaining 1 hole stitch.

Second technique

2SC decrease (2sc dec) = 2 single puncture (sub
traction) This method is used to reduce or make 2 stitch holes into 1 stitch.
1. Make 2 SC (single skewers)
2. Merge into one stitch.

2SC Increase (2SC inc) = 2 single skewers (a
ddition) This method is used to add or make 1 stitch hole into 2 stitch.
1. Make 2SC (single skewer) in one hole stitch.

Half double crochet (hdc) = double-and half-skewers.
1. Create a Frame ch (chain), then add 2ch. Hook yarn, and puncture the needle on the second CH of the needle.
2. Hook yarn, pull out so that on the needle there are 3 warp yarn.
3. Hook the yarn once more, then pull it out at once. So left one coil yarn on the needle of the Hakpen.

Double Crochet (DC) = Double puncture/skewer dobe
1. Create a Frame ch (chain). Add 3 more ch, hook yarn. Thrust the Hakpen needle on the 4th ch of the needle.
2. Hook yarn, pull out the hakpen needle, so that there are 3 coil in the needle.
3. Hook yarn again, Lali pull until left 2 coil.
4. Hook the yarn again, then drag it left 1 Lilitan.

Third technique

Treble (TR) = puncture trebe
1. Create 4 CH (chain). Hook the Yarn 2 times, then pour the hakpen needle on the 5th chain of Hakpen.
2. Hook yarn, pull the needle out so that it remains 4 coil yarn.
3. Hook yarn Again, pull the needle out so that remaining 3 coil yarn.
4. Hook the yarn again, pull the needle out so that the remaining 2 coil yarn.
5. Repeat until the remaining 1 thread on the Hakpen needle.

2DC decrease (2dc dec) = 2 double puncture (reduction) This method is used to reduce the number of puncture.
1. Make 2 double skewers at 2 holes stitch.
2. Merge all of them into one 2

DC increase (2DC inc) = 2 Double Puncture (addition) This method is used to add the number of puncture.
1. Make 2 double skewers on one hole stitch (from 1 hole to 2 stitch holes) 3dc cl

usters (3DC cl) = 3 double skewers dikluster
1. Make 3 double-puncture in 1 stitch hole (double-, semi-puncture, or not closed with final link).
2. Thread hook and 3dc lid with one pull of yarn.
3. So from 3DC incorporated into 1 stitch (in one hole stitch).

Fourth technique

3HDC cluster (3HDC cl) = 3 half puncture dikluster
1. Create a semi-finished 3hdc (not closed with final link) in a single hole stitch.
2. Hook the yarn, and pull out the thread over the 3HDC.
3. Hook the yarn again, and pull the yarn out, so that it remains 1 connection on the Hakpen needle.

Pop double crochet (pop dc) = Puncture popcorn
1. Make 5DC (double skewer) in one puncture hole.
2. Hook yarn and eject, so that all (5DC) is incorporated into one stitch.

Back post double crochet (BPDC) = Double puncture from
the rear Make a double puncture by hooking on the back of the existing double skewer (not thrust on the hole, but it is linked on top of the DC that is underneath).

Front post double crochet (FPDC) = Double puncture from the
Back make a double puncture by hooking on the front of the double-puncture (DC) underneath. Almost the same as the BPDC, but the workmanship from the front.

Deadly Yarn (Finishing)

When finished making a knitted, the last step is binding to the yarn and ensure the bonding is strong and not open.
1. Cut the threads several centimeters.
2. Associate the remaining threads.
3. Drag the rest of the yarn through the holes with the help of the needle Hakken as in the picture above.

That was some basic knitting techniques that need to be known to make a knitting craft. You can combine some of the above techniques to create the shape you want depending on your needs.

To know about the basic knitting crafts can click the link: Crochet crafts. For more clarity when trying basic techniques of knitting you can see this video

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