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Trash Bank-let's go trash

Garbage Bank. Garbage is a problem if not well-managed. In addition to damaging the environment, garbage can also be a hive of germs and bacteria. The pungent smell to a wide range of diseases can attack us if we’re around a lot of garbage. Natural disasters such as flooding can also occur at any time due to garbage buildup in various waterways. There is a lot of garbage accumulated every day that is not very small. We cannot force people to not produce garbage that keeps increasing over time but we can manage the garbage.

Good waste management can reduce the amount of garbage buildup on the spot. Well managed garbage can be recycled into various handicrafts that have a high selling value. Before it can be made into handicrafts, the first thing to do is to collect and sort out the garbage. If the garbage is still good then it can be used for recycled materials into handicrafts or other things.

In today’s instant-paced era, many people are sometimes lazy to collect or sort out garbage. Keep recycling, dealing with garbage just they don’t want to. They thought the trash would just be a problem and did not give any advantage to them. But now there is already the name of Garbage bank. Garbage Bank is a bank that collects already managed garbage.

Garbage Bank

What is a Garbage Bank?

According to the Wikipedia garbage Bank is a place used to collect garbage that has been selected. The concept of waste bank is equal to banks in general. The difference is the way to increase the balance is to hand over the trash that has been sorted and worth recycling. After we submit the garbage we will get the savings book and our balance will increase according to the amount of garbage that we submit. This kind of way does not directly realize us that garbage is valuable. We are also taught to beautify the environment by not throwing garbage in vain. If we throw away garbage, the garbage will only make problems. But if we sort and give it to the trash bank, we can earn money while reducing the amount of trash in our environment.

Garbage that has been received by the garbage bank will be provided to recycle Bin, to handicrafts from garbage, or to the place of garbage presses. The trash will be recycled until it becomes a handicrafts that can then be sold. It takes creativity and skill to turn garbage into handicrafts ready to sell. After being a handicraft product thing they then market it to various places. There are also those who utilize online media to market their handicrafts products such as social media, marketplace or online malls such as mariworked.


The presence of waste Bank provides many benefits for everyone and the surrounding environment. Everyone who is saving in the waste bank can have more money in his savings by modelled garbage. They can use their savings whenever they want. It can also cause someone’s love to sow. In addition to saving, they are also taught to love their environment by not throwing garbage in vain. Not only the customer or the person who submitted the trash can benefit, but all of the people in the account also get benefits. The amount of garbage in the surrounding environment is reduced. It makes the environment where they stay clean, comfortable and beautiful. From the craftsmen side also benefit from this bank because the Kereka already provided materials to make crafts work. Craftsmen no longer need to seek and cultivate garbage to be used as a handshake. They can get it at the trash bank.

Hopefully with the presence of waste bank can reduce the amount of waste and make our environment become clean, comfortable and beautiful environment.

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