Bali Rattan Bags, Typical Bali Souvenirs

Bali rattan bags, Balinese by the Mantul Bali

Bali Rattan Bags is now very attractive by many people both teenagers and adults. In Instagram a lot of photo uploads featuring various kinds of round rattan bags. Actually, rattan bags are not only round shape, but some are square, even five or six. Rattan bag that has become the target of the people is the Bali round rattan bag. Bali Rattan Bags is a handicraft product from Bali. They want the bag to be a collection, by or just follow the trend. But it can not be denied that this Bali rattan bags is suitable to be made by typical Balinese that you must bring home.

Bali Rattan Bags is a unique and artistic bag. In addition, this bag is also much liked because it is environmentally friendly. You can find Bali Rattan Bags in all areas of Bali tourism, especially the round rattan bag. But the palliing is a lot to be found in the Ubud market. More than 20 kinds of rattan bags are sold there. You can choose rattan bag that you like to be made by typical Bali. If you are still confused to decide how to buy a model bag what, here are some references to a typical round Bali rattan bags model:

1. Plain round rattan handbag

This bag is the most used bag by good people and ordinary people. This rattan bag is round and natural colored with a diameter of 20 cm. This bag has a ribbon-shaped hook or clip using 70% leather material.

2. Round rattan handbag Floral Motif

This bag is almost the same as plain round rattan bag. However this bag has an additional floral motif in most of the bags. The flower Motif could vary depending on the craftsmen who made it. This bag is easy to combine with everyday outfit. This bag has a ribbon-shaped hook or clip using 70% leather material.

3. Rattan bag round Motif Caterpillar White

This bag is a round rattan bag that is slightly different from the previous two bags. Rattan handbag white Caterpillars Motif is also the target of buyers from various regions. This bag has a white caterpillar-like shape that is circular in the center of the bag. Bag measuring 20 cm with light brown color is also the current fashion choice. The bag also has a ribbon-shaped hook or clip using 70% leather material.

Those are the 3 models that you can make reference when buying a round rattan bag as by the typical Bali. For various price problems. Starting from the 100 thousands are also there for the ordinary. The beautiful round rattan bag has got a place in the customer’s heart. If the customer is middle class to the top, the round rattan bag is sold prices start from Rp 200 thousand to the most expensive Rp 850 thousand per bag. This round rattan bag is favored by lovers of fashion, artists, and other wives. Therefore, prices sometimes do not matter as long as the products obtained quality and good service.

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