Address of yarn knitting shop in Surabaya and surroundings

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Knitting yarn in Surabaya is one of the goods that are much sought after by knitting craftsmen. Good for craftsmen who are still novice and experienced craftsmen. Because this knitting yarn is a staple that you must have to make knitted crafts. Well for you residents of Surabaya and surrounding areas, do not get confused anymore if you want to find a yarn knitting shop in Surabaya. Mariworking will share some list of knitted yarn stores in Surabaya that you can go.

Address of yarn knitting shop in Surabaya and surroundings

Disclaimer first at the beginning that all the shops here are not stores that cooperate with Mariworks. So if you want more information you can go directly to the store or contact your existing contact. The following list address thread knitting shop in Surabaya and surrounding areas:

Benang Rajut Q

Knitting yarn Q (Shop knitting Yarn Q) is a knitting yarn store that provides a variety of kinds of knitting yarn. They sell it WHOLESALE and RETAIL. Knitted yarn are sold such as cotton yarn, Soft cotton, Rayon Viscose, Mabel, Big Mabel. There are also cotton yarn Big Ply, Acrylic Linen, Smooth Acrylic, Bulky, Soft Wool, Nylon, Polyester, Cord, Corduroy, Lace.

They also sell Mohair yarn and Furr Yarn. In addition to selling threads, they also provide a variety of books crafts and knitting supplies for you. ALAT2 knitting provided such as Hakpen, Knitting Neddle, Stitch Markers, etc. Lots of options, complete, update, unique, quality, inexpensive and affordable. If you want, you can contact the following contact:

Full Address knitting yarn Q:
Perum. Pondok Tjandra Indah, Jl. Manggis XI No. 46, Regency of Sidoarjo, East Java 61256
Hours Open: Monday-Saturday (10.00 – 16
.00) Tel: 0812 4970


KURNIA’s shop is one of the long standing shop knitting yarn. This shop was established from 1970. Toko KURNIA provides various types of knitting yarn. In addition they also sell a variety of knitting tools, cross stitch and crafts. The price in this place is also not too expensive and very competitive. In addition to this place there are also courses ranging from Dr. Mansewing, knitting to embroidering. Besides being able to buy equipment, you can also learn. Less tasty what to try. If you don’t believe, you can check right away to the place.

Address of Oko KURNIA:
Jalan Bubuttel No. 67, Bubutan, Surabaya, East java
Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday (09.00 – 17.0
0) Tel: (031) 5321607

Rainbow Shop

For those of you who are in the Rungkut area of Surabaya, there is a rainbow shop. This store provides craft creations and complete sewing tools. They sell needles, yarn, assorted ropes, assorted beads, lace, embroidery tools. There are also knitting tools, cross stitch, various fabrics such as flannel, furing and so on. The service in this shop is also very friendly. You can visit the address directly.

Complete Address Pelangi shop:
Ruko Graha Niaga Citra 7, Jl. Rungkut Madya, Gunung Anyar, Surabaya City, East Java 60293Hou
rs Open: Monday-Saturday (08.00 – 13.00, 16.00 – 20.
00) Tel: 0817 0337 6288

Crown Yarn Shop (Yarns Supplier)

For friends friend Yan Gbriled in Simokerto g need to worry. In Simokerto there is a Crown yarn shop (Yarns Supplier) which also sells knitting yarn. This shop is a great place to buy a variety of local threads. Many excellent products Siet, cotton smal ply, nylon for sale here. There are also milk cotton sakura and bag supplies such as handles and mat bags.

In this shop you can also find various kinds of wool yarn and smart tools, embroidery equipment. In addition, there are also many choices of materials for sewing or handy craft and create birthday or party knacks. Don’t worry about the service is quite friendly and very helpful customer in finding the desired product.

Complete address of Crown yarn Shop (Yarns Supplier):
Jl. Kapasan No. 164, Sidodadi, Kec. Simokerto, SBY City, East Java 60141Ho
urs Open: Monday-Saturday (08.30 – 17.0
0) Tel: 0899 0020 800

Temmy Shop (Handicraft material & knitting yarn in Surabaya)

The last thread knit shop is Toko Temmy (handicraft material & knitting yarn). This store provides handicraft materials such as bead, flower wire, ribbon, buttons, flannel, blacu cloth, etc. They also sell various kinds of knitting yarn nylon, woll, cotton, propilane, sewing thread, furing cloth, hard cloth.

But indeed the place is a little bit into alley. However, you will not regret it because there you can find a variety of craft and sewing equipments complete. The price offered is also affordable. The sellers here are friendly too. So you don’t need to be afraid to come here.

Complete address of Temmy shop:
Jl. Kedondong Kidul Gang 1 No. 62, RW. KEC/Kel, Tegalsari, Kec. Tegalsari, SBY City, East Java 60262H
ours Open: Monday-Sunday (08.30 – 13.00 18.00 – 21.0
0) Tel: 0853 3000 3099

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That’s some address of knitting yarn shop in Surabaya. Actually there are many more stores knitting yarn in Sura

baya. To know other handicraft products click the link: mariministe.
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