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Address of knitting yarn shop in Jakarta. In the previous article, mariworked already discussed about the Model inspiration knitting bag that could be your guideline to make a knitting bag. Well if it can be inspired to keep Gimana dong?. You have to prepare materials used as knitting yarn. Well for you who are in Jakarta, this is some address of knitting yarn shop in Jakarta that can be a reference for you who want to buy knitting yarn. Here’s a list of shops:

Raina Knitting Yarn

Raina Knitting Yarn is one of the stores knitting yarn in Jakarta that sells a wide range of your knitting craft needs. Tida only threads, they also sell accessories, hooks, books, needles, and so on. For you who are in the surrounding area Tebet, you can make Raina Knitting Yarn as one of your goals when you are looking for knitting yarn shop in Jakarta. Raina Knitting Yarn is open Monday-Friday at 09:00 until 17:00.

Address Complete Raina Knitting Yarn:
Jl. East Tebet in I No. 2, RT. 9/RW. 4, Tebet Tim., Tebet, South Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta
12820Hrs Open: Mon-Fri (09:00-17:00
) Tel: 0812 9075 2213


Well, if you are looking for a full yarn knitting just here NIH place. Sunflower is one of the most complete knitting yarn in Jakarta. You can buy a thread or a lot or wholesale. Only only here are the only selling threads. Before you get there, it’s better to get your phone first to ask for the availability of threads you want. Especially if you want to buy in bulk. Even if what you’re looking for isn’t on the sunflower, you can still look for it in the shop next door. “Check shop next Door”. Because around the fund also many other stores that sell knitting yarn as well.

Here you can also find various kinds of knitting and lace equipment such as Brein, Haken, tating, stitch marker, etc. There are also various kinds of rope Kur for the purpose of making bags, hang tags, rope tassels etc. They also sell various accessories for Handycraft.

Address complete Sunflower
: Jalan Petongkangan No. 43, RT. 5/RW. 2, Roa Malacca, Tambora, RT. 5/RW. 2, Roa Malaka, Tambora, West Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 112
30Hours Open: Monday-Saturday (09.00-16.
00) Tel: 021-6925168

Micky Mocko Handicraft & Needlework

Who lives around Blok M. Or you who often walk or hang out in Plaza Blok M. There are also places to buy your knitting needs, especially yarn. Micky Mocko Handicraft & Needlework is one of the stores knitting yarn in Jakarta located on the 5th floor of Plaza Blok M. In addition to the knitting yarn, you can also buy flannel, plastic canvas, and so on.

In addition in Plaza Blok M, apparently Micky Mocko Handicraft & Needlework also in Tebet. For you who reside in Tebet area can come only to Micky Mocko Handicraft & Needlework Tebet. The full address can be seen in the caption below:

Address complete Micky Mocko Handicraft & Needlework (Plaza Blok M)😛
Laza Blok M, 5th Floor,, Jl. Bulungan No. 76,, Kebayoran Baru, RT. 6/RW. 6, Kramat Pela, Kby. New, City of South Jakarta, special Capital Region of Jakarta 121
30 opening hours: Monday-Saturday (10.00-18.00) and Sunday (11:30-1
8:00) Tel: 021-7209
430WA: 0811 315 4190

Address complete Micky Mocko Handicraft & Needlework (Tebet):
Jl. West Tebet in Raya No. 87, RT. 15/RW. 5, Tebet Bar., Tebet, DKI Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 1281
0Hours Open: Monday-Saturday (08.00-19.0
0) Phone: 021-7209
430WA: 0811 315 4190

The Craft

Pomne Craft read her Pomni Craft ya, hehe. Pomne Craft is one of the most pretty cool knitted yarn stores in Jakarta. Pomne Craft sells a fairly complete raw material with an affordable price, as well as a convenient store. You can also discuss with the staff Pomne Craft to know a few options as you need such as product type, price, and quality.

In addition to shopping your craft needs, you can also learn Lho. Learning in Pomne Craft is also fun, you can akandiajarin craft to your choice until you could. Not only that, you just say what you want to do, will be assisted by the material for suitable materials. So for those who like crafts, especially that knitting is compulsory to come to Pomne Craft let you be a cool rajuter.

Address Complete Pomne Craft:
Jl. Ball field No. 9A, RT. 3/RW. 10, Kb. Orange, West Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 11530H
ours Open: Monday-Sunday (08.30-20.00), except Wednesday (08.30-17.0
0) Tel: 021-5365 404
3WA: 0898-2058-088

Asemka Morning Market

If you are a citizen of Jakarta, or domiciled in Jakarta, it is certainly no stranger to the name of the morning market Asemka. Not only residents of Jakarta, but many who from outside Jakarta come here. This market is already very famous everywhere. Usually people come to this market to buy goods in large parties, wholesale. For those buying large quantities of goods is very profitable, because the price is much cheaper than retail.

Asemka Morning Market has become one of the stores of knitting yarn in Jakarta because in this market there are many stores that sell knitting yarn. For the knitter or who is commonly called a rajuter, must shop for goods here. Besides many options, the price is also cheap cheap. This is the warehouse of Handycraft materials. In addition to knitting yarn, stationery, accessories, souvenirs, crafts, bags, wallets, and sports equipment.

Morning Market Address Asemka:
Jl. Asemka, West Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta

Tanah Abang Market

Tanah Abang Market is a favorite place for anyone in Jakarta for shopping. Good shopping for your own needs or for resale. Tanah Abang Market has been very famous throughout Jakarta even Indonesia. In this market there are also some shops that sell various knitting purposes such as the yarns yarn Rafly Tanah Abang.

Rafly Yarns Shop Tanah Abang become one of the stores knitting yarn in Jakarta that must be visited if you go to the land of Abang. Various types of knitting yarn are sold here.

Complete address of the Rafly yarn Tanah abang:
P Asar Regional Land Abang block F2, Jalan H Fachrudin No. 49, RT. 14/RW. 7, Kb. Peanut, Tanah Abang, central Jakarta, special Capital Region of Jakarta 102
50Hours Open: Monday-Sunday (08.00-17.00
) Tel: 021-33812513

That was the address of the knitting yarn shop in Jakarta that you must visit. Please visit the closest one with your place. If you want to make hunting while looking for a subscription store, you can visit it all. My suggestion you first contact the shop owner before you get there. Make sure the item you are looking for is there, just Deh cusss…

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