9 Yogyakarta Batik Motif you should know


Batik has its own pattern different from each type. The type of pattern in batik is often called batik motif. In Indonesia there are a lot of batik motifs and the original area of batik. One of them is Yogyakarta Batik Motif. Yogyakarta is a city famous for its handicraft and art. One of them is batik. Most of batik motifs in Yogyakarta is adjusted with the Royal Instana or palace. But as time goes by, Jogja batik motif is also adapted to the current design of the more contemporary era. Here are the batik motifs of Yogyakarta that you should know.

Yogyakarta Batik Motif

Generally Yogyakarta batik is found in almost every area in Yogyakarta. The batik Motif reflects the philosophy and lifestyle of the surrounding community. For example, traditional batik in the palace environment that has a characteristic motif with a striking white base color. Batik Yogyakarta also has a very distinctive geometric pattern with a large enough size. To be more clear about some of Yogyakarta’s batik motifs, you can list the following:

1. Batik Ceplok Motif

Hayo who is reading this name immediately so the?. Hahaha. Batik Ceplok motif is one motif in which there are pictures shaped like circles or animals or some other variation. Similar to the same egg Ceplok the middle there are yellow eggs, hehe. The image is like it lies in a basic geometry-shaped field like a rectangle or a circle. There are many batik motifs in Yogyakarta and other regional batik motifs that are derived from the batik ceplok motif.

The name Ceplok itself is formed from several different viewpoints. Some of them are based on the ornament used such as Ceplok Mangosteen, Ceplok Salak sategal, Ceplok Orange flower, Ceplok supit Urang, Ceplok kembang Waru, Ceplok chicken claws, Ceplok lung slop, and others. There is also a name of Ceplok motif based on the origin of the motif. There are also names of this batik motif based on the name of its creator such as Ceplok Pubonegoro, Ceplok Honey Sumirat, Ceplok Sirat Madu, Ceplok Cokrokusumo.

2. Batik Parang Motif

Batik Parang motif is one of the most old motifs in Indonesia. The word Parang comes from a Pereng or slope that has a diagonal line shape like the one in this batik motif. It is sometimes referred to as Kris or sword pattern by an outer person. Javanese people themselves also mention this motif as a Motif Batik Parang flame tongue. There are many variations of this batik parang motif, from the small 2cm in Parang Klithik to the largest 8cm or so in Parang Barong. In every Parang batik motif, there is usually a pattern that forms like the letter ‘ S ‘ which interrelated with each other. It symbolizes a continuity. The shape of the letter ‘ S ‘ itself is adapted from the form of ocean waves depicting a spirit that never goes out.

3. Batik Kawung Motif

Kawung Batik motif is the most old batik motif of Yogyakarta and is devoted to worn by the royal family. Batik Kawung Motif has a shape like kolang-kaling arranged on four square corners. In terms of form, arguably batik Kawung motif into a group of batik ceplok motif. But because Batik Kawung first compared with batik Ceplok. Batik Kawung Motif is regarded as a symbol of his might and justice. Batik Kawung Motif also has a deep meaning such as perfect self-control, a clean heart with no Ria and much more.

There are many assumptions about the form of batik Kawung motif. Some call this batik Kawung motif inspired by insects named Kwangwung. Besides forms, there is also the name of Kawung derived from the name of the insect. There is also a mention of this batik Kawung motif resembles the shape of the tasty Kaling. This is because there is a thought that this batik is made with a shape like tasty bika formed and neatly structured. But there is also batik Kawung motif adapted from lotus flowers with four leaves of flowers that chap. The flower is interpreted as longevity and chastity.

4. Batik Cement Motif

Eittss.. Don’t assume others first. This is not the cement we commonly use to build houses. Batik cement motif is a motif batik Yogyakarta which has a non-symmetrical design aka irregular. Although it has an irregular shape like other batik, but batik cement motif also has a shape that is not less beautiful than other batik motifs Yogyakarta. The word semen itself is derived from the word ‘ semi ‘ that is so-so that the life of the person who wears it will have a life of spring. Cement batik Motif is usually dominated by the form of flora and fauna found in Java such as fish, birds and so on. The most common picture is batik cement motif is the picture of Garuda Bird. Pictures of Garuda in batik cement motif is often associated with God Vishnu. By all it batik cement motif is often used in clothes worn in special events both by the nobility and ordinary people.

5. Batik Slope Motif

As the name suggests, the batik slope is shaped like a slope dominated by straight lines adjoining. Inside the line there is a small, elegant motif motif. Batik Motif of this slope seems to depict a mountain slope that contains beautiful plants and animals. This batik motif almost resembles a batik parang motif that is dominated by rows of lines that are arranged diagonally. Batik Motif of this slope has many types. One of them is Udan Liris. The Motif of Batik Udan lyrical in Javanese language means ‘ rainstorm ‘. This batik Motif symbolizes fertility, prosperity, determination and courage to do things that are important to society. Therefore, this batik motif is commonly used by kings and queens.

6. Batik Nitik Motif

Batik Nitik motif is one of Yogyakarta batik motifs that used to be inspired by P woven fabric brought by traders Gurajat from India. As the name suggests, Nitik Batik has a symmetrical point design. Batik Nitik Motif has a very deep meaning. This batik motif is believed to facilitate brides to make a living while guiding their marriage if this motif is used during weddings. So you can use this batik nitik motif as one option for your wedding dress later.

7. Batik Truntum Motif

Batik Truntum motif is one of Yogyakarta batik motifs that are often used by parents of brides in weddings. This pattern of batik truntum has the meaning of love that grows back. Batik Truntum Motif is used as a symbol of genuine love, lasting and more fertile and flourishing (tumaruntum). That is why this batik motif is used by parents of brides. Hopefully this bride’s parents can lead the bride to live a life

8. Batik Tambal Motif

As the name suggests batik patchwork This means patching or fixing something damaged. The Motif of batik patchwork has a very important meaning behind its name. This batik Motif reminds people to always improve themselves in living this life. The user of batik motif of patchwork is expected to always repair themselves anytime and anywhere. In the past, this batik motif is believed to cure the sick by overdoing it with this patchwork of batik motif.

9. Batik Sogan Motif

Batik Sogan is a type of batik that is identical to the area of Javanese palace namely Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat (Yogya) and Surakarta Hadiningrat (Solo), the motive also usually follow the rules of the classic batik motif of the palace. Historically, this batik was worn by kings in Java, especially the Sultanate Palace. However, now it can be worn by anyone, both the palace residents and ordinary people

That’s 9 Batik Motif Yogyakarta that you need to know. In fact there are many more Yogyakarta Batik motifs.
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