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Ideas of handicraft business. Home is one of the places that can create new works of work. If developed well, the work can be a very profitable business. No need to leave the house and the cost is very cheap. What are the ideas of handicraft business that you can do even if you’re in the house?. Here’s the answer.

The Ideas of handicraft business at home

Business is tough, especially in times of trouble. Not all businesses can run if the condition does not allow it to be done outside. But there are some ideas of handicraft business that can be done at home.

1. Fabrics Masks

In crisis conditions like this, masks are much needed almost by everyone in the world. But the stock of masks on the market is minimal. Indeed, a good mask is devoted to medical personnel treating the patients. Because it is very inappropriate if we buy and use masks devoted to the medical personnel in the midst of this crisis. One of the roads that can be pursued is making their own masks. There is no need to buy too many and varied materials. You can use the materials you have at home. With a lot of free time at home, you can definitely make a lot of masks.

2. Bros Hijab

First Ideas of handicraft business is hijab brooch business. Usually the business idea of knitting brooch is suitable for girls, either he who is still a girl or already a housewife. If you have a patchwork of unused fabrics or scraps, you can take advantage of them. This cloth used fabric you can use to make a craft such as Hijab Bros. Once so, you can offer it to your friend’s friends first through online. Can pass WA or Instagram. After a lot of interest, you can sell it to a wider market again.

3. Key Chain of Flannel

Key chains of flannel are common things that craftsmen usually do at home. Key chains that are usually in the place of tourist attractions, can also be made and sold at home. Using a material that is commonly used craftsman day one of flannel cloth. You can create a variety of key chain shapes. Can make key chains shaped cartoon characters, characters people, animal shapes or places and so on. You can make it your heart. If the work you make is good, you can sell it online.

4. Custom Shirt with Flannel Fabric

Still with flannel cloth, but this one is somewhat different. If you ever have a T-screen printing business and such, you may already be thinking about the idea of this business. You can sell custom shirts using flannel cloth. The meaning is the plain shirt that is decorated with a patch of flannel fabric with various shapes. The shape can be an animated object image. Can also be the name of the owner T-shirts. You can customize shapes or names according to your creativity.

If you can’t buy a T-shirt because you can’t get it out, you can use your used T-shirts that you might rarely wear. You can make it an example of a product first before you accept the order. For example and also proof that you can make it. Sometimes people also need an overview of the products you sell. If you’re already able to create one product for example, you need to be in control of your product. You can use your own website, social media or marketplaces like https://www.mariberkarya.com as a place to sell you.

5. Handicraft Decoupage

Anyone know the meaning of Decoupage?. Maybe for those who do not know, I’ll explain a little about the decoupage. The word Decoupage comes from the French language (découper) which means cut. In keeping with the meaning of Decoupage is a craft that uses pieces of material (usually paper) that is pasted on the object and makes a beautiful shape. Usually these decoupage will be coated with varnish or varnished to make it nicer. It also makes the display of the flat pieces of paper look inside. The coating also makes it as if the pattern and image are painted on the object.

If you want to create decoupage works, it is quite easy. You only need to prepare materials like paper. The paper scissors form a number of patterned shapes. Make some shapes and sizes. After that you can paste it into a specific object such as jars, cups, books, and so on. After that you can add varnish or varnished to beautify your artwork. If the work you make is good, you can photograph it and sell it online.

6. Flower Vase from Used Plastic Bottles

One of the best suited handicraft business ideas #dirumahaja is the business of the flower vase of the used plastic bottles. Flower Vase is one of the good products to put in your room or space. If you don’t have a vase, but can’t get out to buy it, you can also make it yourself. No need to use BERMACAM0MACAM material, just prepare your used plastic bottles. Besides the material that is not complicated and cheap, you can also make a vase to your liking. Unlike the one you bought in a shop that is just the same model. The flower vase of this used plastic bottle, you can make shape and style according to your own wishes.

The trick is easy, you just have to cut the top part of the plastic bottles you have. But to decorate it you can use the remaining pieces of plastic bottles. You can create posts, shapes and so on. For better results you can give color to watercolor if you have one. If you have many bottles that are not used at home, you can experiment with making a variety of unique flower vase shapes. If you can make great results, you can sell them online.

7. Decorative Sleeping Lamps from Yarn and Balloons

Lights are common and are sure to be present in every home. But you can create work from the lights. You can turn ordinary lights into unique and attractive lights. Making it very easy. You just have to prepare threads and balloons as the main ingredient. It takes persistence in making it. It also takes creativity to create an interesting form of shape. For those of you who are interested can try to make it at home. If the results are good, you can photograph them and promote them to social media or to your friends ‘ friends.

8. Knitting Craft

Knitting Crafts is one of the most widely done handicrafts by craftsmen especially women. Knitting Crafts is one of the ideas of hand-crafted business that you can do #dirumahaja. Besides being inexpensive, you can also produce useful work or products. Although cheap and impressed easy, this knitting craft requires persistence of Loh to make it. You won’t be able to make knitting crafts if you have enough diligence and time. But if you now #dirumahaja, this is a very precise time.

Products from knitting crafts that you can make various kinds. You can make bags, hats, syall, wallets and so on. Oh Yes this knitting craft also has some techniques that you should learn. To simplify and accelerate you in making knitting crafts, you need to master basic knitting Basic. To learn it, you can read this article: basic knitting techniques. If you’ve mastered and can produce a masterpiece or product, you can sell it. You can offer your products first to your closest friends. If they’re interested, you can sell them online to a lot of people.

9. Paper Quilling

Paper Quilling may be some people rather unfamiliar with his words. Paper Quilling is the art of rolling paper. For more details on paper quilling you can read the following article: Paper Quilling. This quilling Paper is not a lot of people who make it. In addition to the complexity, it takes a long time to create a finished form/masterpiece. But because this time you have a lot of #dirumahaja, you can create this quilling paper craft. You can start by preparing some materials such as colored paper. You can set up some colors, more great. After that you need scissors, ruler, pencil and glue. First you can use some paper into small and long pieces. Then you rolling it form a small roll. After that you can unite all of the reels together to form a specific object or image.

Usually this paper quilling is used to make products such as souvenirs, or wall hangings. You can put your paper quilling to a frame and put it on the wall of the house. You can create various shapes such as symbols, animal shapes, and human faces. This quilling Paper is chosen because it can be 3D-created, not just 2D. In addition, the combination of color, shape and rolls give a touch of own art. If you can make a good product, you can sell and potentially be a big business or a day. For those of you who are new to the paper quilling, you can study it in the following article: Paper Quilling.

That is the idea of handicraft business that you can do at home Aja. Actually there are still many other business ideas that yo

u can do. To know other handicraft products click the link: mariberkarya.
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Keep learning, continue to work and always synergize.
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