9 Famous Indonesian Batik Motif

9 famous Indonesian Batik Motif thumbnails

Indonesian Batik Motif. Batik is a picture cloth that is made by writing a night/candle on the cloth and processed in a certain way that has the specificity in each motif. In fact, the art of dyeing fabrics by night is one of the ancient art forms. This technique has existed since the discovery of a mummy wrapping cloth that was also coated in the evening to form a pattern in the 4th century BC. On 2 October 2009, UNESCO has established batik as the original cultural heritage of Indonesia. In fact UNESCO’s recognition was announced at the end of the 4th session of the Inter-Governmental Committee on World Heritage in Abu Dhabi. The meeting lasted from 28 September – 2 October 2009. The government chooses the last day of the meeting to make the inaugural as well as the determination of October 2 as National Batik Day.

Indonesian Batik Motif

That’s a little bit about the history of Indonesian batik, for more complete you can googling aja. What we will discuss in this article is batik motif in Indonesia.
There are a lot of batik motifs in Indonesia, even in almost every region has its own batik motif.

1. Motif of Batik Seven Rupa

Batik pattern of seven Rupa is derived from the city of Pekalongan. This batik Motif is very thick with natural nuance. So generally batik Pekalogan show the shape of animal or plant motif. These motifs are taken from a mixture of local and ethnic Chinese cultures. For the first place Pekalongan is the transit of the merchants from various countries.

2. Batik Sogan Motif

Batik Sogan is a type of batik that is identical to the area of Javanese palace namely Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat (Yogya) and Surakarta Hadiningrat (Solo), the motive also usually follow the rules of the classic batik motif of the palace. Historically, this batik was worn by kings in Java, especially the Sultanate Palace. However, it can now be used by anyone, both the palace residents and ordinary people.

3. Batik Mega Cloudy Motif

Mega Cloudy is Cirebon’s most popular batik motif. Batik motifs with these cloud patterns store where and a deep philosophy. Message or value in the Mega Batik Motif Cloudy is patience. The term cloudy is interpreted in human life as a patient nature, not irritable. Craftsmen who make mega cloudy batik motif is required to be patient and painstaking. Users of batik patterned mega Cloudy also expected to be a patient in his life.

4. Batik Gentongan Motif

The uniqueness of Madura Batik that is not found in other areas is a Gentongan batik. The process of making Batik is used to use a gentong soak in batik cloth. Soaking the batik cloth on dye inside the barrel is done in a long time. The Gentong that has been given water and dye is stored in a closed room.

5. Batik Simbut Motif

Simbut shaped batik Motif resembles taro leaves. The motif is the simplest motif, just arrange and tidy one type of motive only. Simbut Motif derived from rural Bedouin tribe in Sunda which is thick with old civilization. However, as time goes by, Bedouin residents receive modernity to develop this batik in the coastal areas of Banten. Sehngga motif Batik Simbut also known as Banten batik.

6. Batik Parang Motif

Batik Parang motif is one of the most old Indonesian Batik Motif. The word Parang comes from a Pereng or slope that has a diagonal line shape like the one in this batik motif. In every Parang batik motif there are usually motifs that make up such as the letter “S” that intertwined with each other. It symbolizes a continuity. The shape of the letter “S” itself is adapted from the form of ocean waves depicting a spirit that never goes out.

7. Batik Kawung Motif

Kawung Batik is an old motif derived from Javanese soil which is shaped like kolang-kaling arranged on four corners of the square. Batik Kawung has some implied meanings, such as perfect self-control, a clean heart with no Ria, and much more. The name and motif of Kawung itself comes from the insect Kwangwung. But there are also mention that the name Kawung derived from the fruit Kolang-Kaling. Kawung motif is included in some of the palace’s prohibition motifs, which used to be used only by the government.

8. Batik Pring Sedapur Motif

Batik Pring Sedapur motif is a batik motif from Magetan district that deserves to be preserved. To preserve this batik artwork, research will need to be held in order to know the development of Pring Sedapur batik decorative variety. Pring Sedapur means a bamboo tree as a force. Ordinary bamboo that lives in a lively and unified form will create a great force.

9. Batik Priangan Motif

Batik Priangan motif is slightly different compared with batik motifs in Java. Batik Priangan Motif is growing in the region of Priangan namely Sundanese cultural area in West Java which includes the area Ciamis, Tasikmalaya, Garut, Sumedang, Cimahi, Bandung, Cianjur, Sukabumi, and Bogor. Most of Priangan batik motifs are inspired by flora and fauna motifs, which depict the natural beauty of Priangan region. Like the ancient legend of the story that Priangan is created when the gods smile and pour all the blessings and blessing

Well that’s some popular Indonesian Batik Motif. Like Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, Batik is one of the forms of Indonesian diversity. Each region has its own batik motif with diverse meanings. But still one, Indonesian Batik.

Let’s use proudly Indonesian products, one of them batik. Because it is the work of the people of Indonesia, the work of our friends and the work of us all.

That’s 9 Indonesian Batik motifs that are famous in the world. In fact there are many other Indonesian Batik motifs that are scattered in various regions in Indonesia.
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