9 Crafts from Paper

Hand crafts from paper
Hand crafts from paper

Crafts from Paper. this time I will discuss the crafts of paper. O
kay. As we all know, paper is usually only we use to read and write only. Ranging from reading books, notebooks, newspapers, notepads and others that use paper as its main part. Although in this sophisticated age, we cannot escape the name of the paper. But does the paper only be used for reading and writing? The answer is not temen-temen. There are still many things we can make using paper. Here hand crafts from paper.

9 Examples of paper crafts

There is some example of paper craft that you can make :

1. Origami

Origami is a paper folding art originating from Japan. Origami is a combination of 2 Japanese words Ori which means “folding”, and we mean “paper”. The main ingredient used is paper. The paper used is usually box or square shape. The result of origami is a very thorough and delicate handmade handicrafts. It takes creativity, thoroughness, and skill to create unique and interesting forms.

2. Papercraft

Papercraft is often referred to as the art of animating this paper is the development of origami (the art of folding paper from Japan). The difference of origami is the art of folding paper using 1 sheet of paper only while Papercraft is the art of assembling paper from several sheets of paper using several techniques such as cutting, folding, gluing, and forming.

3. Paper Quilling

Paper quilling is a craft/hand rolled paper. Some of the reels produced will be assembled in such a way that it forms a unique product. If interpreted by the Word ̃Paperâ„¢ means the paper ̃™ and the ̃Quillingâ„¢ means to Rollâ„¢. This craft is almost the same as the origami which also uses paper to form a unique product. But Paper Quilling makes products by rolling while origami uses paper folding. For more details on Paper Quilling You can click the following link: Paper Quilling “Art rolled paper

4. Wardrobe

Ha? Kok can
? Apparently paper can also be used to make a wardrobe. But not just a sheet of paper. You have to collect paper in a lot of numbers. You can also use used newsprint as the main ingredient. This paper wardrobe can be used as a place to store your clothes. However, this closet cannot be used to store objects that are too heavy.

5. The story

Kokoru Paper is a colorful corrugated paper that can be used to make handicrafts. The word Kokoru Paper itself comes from the ‘ Color Corrugated Paper ‘ meaning paper wavy color. Kokoru paper can be used to create 3 dimensional objects as well as 2 dimensions by folding, rolling, cutting and gluing. Kokoru paper has two surfaces that are one flat surface and one corrugated surface.

6. Packaging

If you have a product you want to sell, you can use paper as a material to make packaging your product. The paper used varies according to the needs. Some people use paper as packaging because the paper is more flexible to set up and designed. Moreover the paper also does not have excessive weight so it will not affect the weight of the original product.

7. Popup Card

Popup Card is a creation that we can make from ordinary greeting cards. The Popup card is more interesting because we can make the recipient surprised when opening it. The Popup card is one of the easy and fun paper hand crafts to make. The shape can vary depending on your creativity. You can create only 3d writings or shapes such as Heart emblem, Palace, birthday cake, etc.

8. Popup Box

Almost the same as a popup card, it’s just a box. This Popup box can be used for gift or surprise. Each popup box usually has different contents. Can sayings, photographs, poetry, beloved objects, etc. According to your creativity. You can create this popup box as a surprise gift to friends, girlfriends, or special people.

9. Pencil Place

The last paper craft is the pencil place. These handicrafts can be made easily. How to make it almost the same as wardrobe. You have to collect a bunch of paper in bulk, then rolling it, then paste it. The pencil place can also vary depending on your creativity.

Well that’s 9 hand crafts from paper you can make. Hopefully it can inspire you to create better work.

Watch this Video to better understand about hand crafts from paper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E75QFDWiVpk

If you want to know more about paper, you can visit the following link: types of paper

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