8 Crafts from Cardboard

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Crafts from cardboard. One of the materials that can be used to make crafts is cardboard. Some of us definitely think that cardboard is a useless item. Cardboard is usually used to be a wrapper of goods when we will move home. In addition, cardboard will only be discarded to the trash. But for the craftsmen, cardboard is very valuable. They can juggle cardboard which is useless to be a handicrafts of high value selling.

8 Crafts from cardboard

There are many handicrafts that you can make using only the basic material of cardboard. If you’re a novice craftsman who’s just learning to make handicrafts, you need a lot of inspiration. Inspiration on any handicrafts made with the basic ingredients of cardboard. Of course not just the cardboard you need but other materials as well. Here are 8 hand-crafted crafts from cardboard that you should know:

1. Danbo

Danbo is short for Danboard. The name Danbo is actually taken from the Japanese language “Danboru”, which means cardboard. The Danboard or Danbo is a fictional character from a manga titled Yotsubato by Azuma Kiyohiko. Danbo is manifested as a very unique little doll. Like the human figure action that is mini size 7 cm and 13 cm. Over time, Danbo began to be known in Indonesia and has been attracted by many people. Usually, it is made as if the man is doing something.

Danbo is one of the coolest hand crafted cardboard crafts. You can make Danbo with cardboard that is thick in size. The goal is that Danbo is not easily damaged if you take anywhere. Usually the Danbo is made with a box shape. The face, body, hands and feet are all made in the form of squares. If you have high creativity, you can create your own version of Danbo. For example, you can make Danbo with round shape, or you can add hats as accessories si Danbo.

2. Miniature Palace

Who wants to have a palace. Everyone would want to have a magnificent and luxurious palace, but sometimes difficult to be realized. Well than you throw away the waste, money and time to buy a palace, you can make it yourself. But certainly not a real palace yes, but only a miniature. Well Miniature Palace is one of the handicrafts of cardboard that you can make. Maybe for those of you who used to be school still have craft assignments from your teacher and you decided to make a miniature palace like this. So surely you are also accustomed to make miniature palace of this cardboard.

Miniature Palace is a handicraft from cardboard that is quite complicated to be made. You have to detail in the making. Like the shape of the roof, windows, buildings, doors, and so on it should be made in detail so that the results can be good. If you want to create a miniature of this palace, you can create a blueprint first. Then you can make a small part of it first like windows, glass, doors, roofs, etc. Only then can you make the whole building.

3. Puzzle Games

Who doesn’t like games?. Definitely all liked the fun game. When we are tired and good at work in both the search and elsewhere, we usually play games. When we wait for a friend, wait for a bus, Mager again, or again in the park, we will usually play games. Taukah you if the cardboard can be used as a game also lho. One of them is a puzzle game.

As the picture above the puzzle game from the paper you can make it easily. Just by cutting the cardboard by adjusting the shape you want, then coloring it, you can already make a puzzle game from cardboard. Perhaps this puzzle game is one of the handicrafts of cardboard that is easiest to make.

4. Gift Box

Gifts are something special that we give to others as a form or manifestation of our feelings. A gift is one of our ways to convey something in the moment we cannot deliver it directly. If you want to send a gift you usually use what to wrap it. Whether you are buying a box at a minimarket or you only wrap it with regular paper papers. Come on guys, do you want to give a gift to someone else with a newspaper wrap?. Kalo is the content of the gift that you give it is valuable, should be wrapped with a nice dong. One of them you can use a box to wrap it.

A gift Box is one that you can use to wrap a good gift. Well, for those of you who are tired of the common gift boxes on the market. For those of you who want to create your own gift box. You can use used cardboard. How to make it pretty easy too. You live folding the cardboard forming a cube, then glue it with the use of glues. After that don’t forget to make the lid. BTW, if you are creative enough, you can make a gift box with other forms you know. Not only box boxes form like the ones in the picture.

5. Ring Place

Who wants to marry ya, or you are still singles, Heheh. No problem, you can make crafts from cardboard this one. Hampur the same as a gift box, this is the ring place. For you who will be married later, or want to give a ring for your spouse, this can be a reference for you. Even if you want to use the ring later, you’ll also need to use a box or a nice place.

If you buy a box or ring place in the store, you may be able to get it easily. But if it is aimed at a special person, it would be better if you made it. You can simultaneously pour all your feelings while creating the ring place. Make it as interesting as possible and form according to what he likes. Your spouse will surely feel very happy knowing that you are making the ring place wholeheartedly.

6. VR Box

Who doesn’t know the VR box? If not tau means you really jadul. VR Box is a tool that you can use to play games, view VR videos, and do other things using your smartphones. You can do more with your smartphone using VR Box. If you want a VR Box for your smartphone, you don’t need to buy it. You can also make it yourself lho using cardboard. Just like any other you just shape it like the VR Box form. The difference is that you need to add two special glass worn in the eye place.

7. Price tag

Who is selling online NIH, or who has a shop and sells your own work items. Crafts from cardboard that is suitable for you sellers of goods or owners of products. Usually the seller or owner of the product makes the goods and accompanied by a price tag. You can create your price tag using only cardboard. No need to bold cardboard, you can use any cardboard because the shape and size of the price tag is simple and small.

8. Chat Decoration

Crafts from the last cardboard is a chat decoration. You like Ndak if you see a room wall or your house is plain?. Do you want to add something so that it doesn’t look lonely. If you want to decorate the walls of your house and room, you can use cardboard lho. One of them is decoration chat from cardboard. This may be suitable for your child who is often really chatting with friends, geing and your spouse.

That’s 8 crafts from cardboard that you need to know. Actually, there are many more crafts from cardboard.
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