6 Balinese Batik Pattern You Need to Know

6 Batik Bali motifs you should know

Balinese Batik Pattern. Batik began to flourish in Bali recently. But due to the interest of tourists and some other things, the development of batik in Bali is very fast. This has an impact on the batik industry in Bali that increasingly longer and more. Balinese people are accustomed to developing creativity. Bali is one of the most frequented tourist destinations both locally and internationally. This is what makes its citizens familiar with creative thinking to attract tourists.

Batik that has high quality usually shows the social status of a person in the eyes of society. Like the use of labels or famous designer brands that show a person’s wealth. The quality of batik in Bali is very good. Batik in Bali tries to demonstrate its quality by relying on the craftsman’s creativity and local culture. Batik Bali is made directly by the creative hands of craftsmen in Bali. Bali is also very thick with its art and culture also affects the development of batik in Bali.

Various kinds of Balinese Batik Pattern

Balinese Batik Pattern is very distinctive with local wisdom. In every making, Balinese Batik Pattern has a distinctive characteristic of batik pattern in other areas. One of them is that the accent given to Balinese Batik Pattern is not as big as each other. A blend of traditional and modern pattern that become one. Batik Bali also apply a mix of authentic Balinese culture with Bali island culture. Therefore Balinese batik motif is very distinctive and beautiful. Here are some batik motifs in Bali that you need to know.

1. Batik Buketan

Perhaps for some people is somewhat less familiar with the name of Buketan. Buketan is a French name which means flower. According to its name, Motif Batik Buketan has a motif in the form of flower plants or small plants. There are also additional decorations in the form of butterflies and various types of birds to add artistic value to the batik.

2. Batik Ulamsari Mas

Well this Ulamsari Mas Patern may be easily recognizable by young people nowadays. This pattern of Ulamsari Mas Batik Pattern displays a picture of shrimp and fish. The Patterndepicts the natural wealth in Bali. It can also tell the community widely that Bali is not only beautiful. Bali is not only a place for sightseeing or vacation. Bali is also very rich in its natural resources Lho. Through that pattern, batik craftsmen in Bali can convey it all to all people who wear and who sees it.

3. Batik Lion Barong

If this must have been on tau. Pattern of Batik Singa Barong is a depiction of Balinese culture. This Pattern shows the uniqueness and diversity of culture in Bali. Lion Barong has been indirectly played in preserving the culture of Bali. The more people who buy and use this batik, the uging of Bali will be known by many people. It is deliberately done so that the culture of Lion Barong continues to be remembered by the generations of successors and is known by the wider community both in Bali and outside Bali.

4. Batik Bali Dancer

Besides being a tourist attraction, Bali is also identical with the dancers. Lots of Balinese dances are there. Good dance in rituals, ceremonies and welcome. Batik craftsmen in Bali also want to introduce the Balinese dance through batik pattern. Let people not only know the Kecak dance, hehehe. The Batik Bali dancers depicts a dancer who is demonstrating one of Bali’s typical dance movements. Usually that is often used as a motif this batik is a female dancer.

5. The Pattern of Batik Bali Merak Abyorhokokai

This Abyorhokokai peacock what else.. Hehe. That’s the unique pattern of batik Bali this one. Batik Bali Merak Abyorhokokai is a batik pattern that depicting the beauty of the peacock as a shaft of the main pattern on the cloth and accompanied by petals resembling cherry blossoms. If the peacocks must be everything already on know. Actually, the Pattern of Batik Merak Abyorhokokai is influenced by Japanese culture. However, this patternis also able to interpret how the beauty of the island of Bali with a peacock as the main symbol.

6. Batik Bali Pisan

The name of Pisan is taken from stone sculptures in Javanese temples in the 9th century. Sometimes people nowadays call this batik pattern with Batik banana pattern. This batik Motif depicts Balinese banana that has been distillation. In addition, there is also a call Pisan Bali which means back again. This Batik is always given to a lover who will travel far with the intention that the lover come back again. This Batik symbolizes hope, prayer, and salvation. So if you want to take off the DOI that will go long, you can give this batik. 🙂

Well that’s some typical Balinese batik motif that you should know. If you are on holiday to Bali, do not forget to take a trip to buy batik Bali as by by to be taken home. Besides in Bali there are still many batik motifs in Indonesia that are unique, beautiful and have a good kalitas.

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