5 Typical Handicrafts of Bali

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Typical Handicrafts of Bali. Bali is a province in Indonesia with Denpasar as its capital. In addition to being the provincial name, Bali is also an island that belongs to the Nusa Tenggara Islands. So Bali is the provincial and island name. Well talk about Bali, what comes to your mind? Beach, Tourist, Kecak, or what?. There is the thought of handicrafts?. Maybe some of you guys are only a few who associate Bali with handicrafts, but do not get me wrong. Bali also has unique handicrafts that can only be found in Bali.

5 Typical Handicrafts of Bali

There are a lot of handicrafts in Bali. For you who come from outside Bali, this can be a reference for you if you want to buy souvenirs or souvenirs when you are on vacation to the island of the gods. Here are 5 Typical Handicrafts of Bali you should know:

1. Batik

Batik, where there must be batik. In every region in Indonesia must have a typical batik from its own region, so does Bali. Bali has batik included into one of Bali’s signature handicrafts because of its motives and quality. The quality of Balinese batik is demonstrated by craftsman’s creativity and local cultural features. Balinese Batik is made directly by the creative hands of craftsmen in Bali. The development of batik in Bali is also influenced by art and culture in Bali.

Batik motif in Bali is very distinctive with local wisdom. One of the distinguishing motifs of Balinese batik with batik motifs in other areas is the accent given. On the typical Balinese batik motifs the given accent has a size that is not as large as each other. A blend of traditional and modern motifs that become one. Batik Bali also apply a blend of authentic Balinese culture with the outside culture of Bali Island. Therefore Balinese batik motif is very distinctive and beautiful. For more information about batik motifs typical of Bali, you can read the following
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2. Painting

Craftsmen in Bali are famous for his work that blends with nature, religion and local wisdom. It was beautifully drawn in every painting made by craftsmen in Bali. The art of painting in Bali was developed from generation to generation. Bali has a history of traditional paintings found in Klungkung, South Bali. There are some ancient paintings created in some early kingdoms there. It then inspires the craftsmen, especially the painters in making his works or paintings. Simple painting style using natural dyes made from cotton flower. The style of the painting is often encountered on Wayang kulit crafts.

Craftsmen in Bali who focus on crafts that smelled art like paintings often call themselves artists. Traditional Balinese artists usually use natural pigments, pens and artificial brushes. They use iconography rules to create good lines, shapes, proportions and color compositions. It is certainly not very difficult because of the skills and creativity owned by craftsmen in Bali. Traditional artists in Bali will not feel too upset if his work is in the examples or imitated by others. They are precisely proud when there are other artists who try to emulate their work.

3. Carving

Carving either wood or stone carving is very famous in Bali. Almost all people including local and foreign tourists know the carvings typical of Bali. This wood and stone carving is one of the unique and quality Balinese handicrafts. Carving products such as doors and wooden walls carved with various motives always got a place in the international market. Perhaps in Indonesia, this typical Balinese carving product is less desirable. But overseas this typical handicrafts of bali has a very high selling value. Usually the craftsmen in Bali make wood carving or stone to order. With their creativity, the craftsmen of Bali can always make satisfied and amazed by the customer from abroad.

One of the areas in Bali which is known as a producing area of wood carving crafts with high artistic value is Gianyar. Wood carving handicraft products from Gianyar have a distinctive design, neat carving details and high quality raw material. It’s no wonder that the selling price can penetrate dozens and even tens of millions. The traditional wood carving handicraft from Gianyar also has gained its market in foreign countries. If you go there, you will find a variety of wood carving products such as wooden signboards, wooden jewelry boxes, key chains, wind bells, etc.

4. Fabric

Cain is one of unique Balinese handicrafts. Fabric motifs that are often in Balinese fabrics are floral and sea motifs. The motif gives local and relaxing impression. It reflects that Bali fabric is suitable for relaxing enjoying the beauty of Bali tours. Bali fabrics are also often used as one by typical Bali for the tourists both locally and abroad. One of the fabrics that are often characteristic of Bali and often in search of tourists is the beach cloth. As the name of this Bali beach cloth is suitable if used to enjoy beach tours in Bali. Tourists especially women who wear Balinese fabrics when going to the beach. They feel less complete if going to Bali beach without wearing Balinese cloth. Therefore the potential of handicraft in Bali is still very large.

5. Bag

Bags are a product that we often carry where. There are many people who use bags to store their needs especially the tourists. The Balinese craftsmen saw the opportunity and created a wide range of craft bags. Starting from Bali sling bags, round rattan bags, backpacks, and so on. One of the most popular Balinese tourist bags is the round rattan handbag. Bali rattan handbag is a unique and artistic bag. In addition, this bag is also much liked because it is environmentally friendly. Rattan handbag Bali You can find in all areas of Bali tourism, especially the round rattan bag. But the palliing is a lot to be found in the Ubud market. More than 20 kinds of rattan bags are sold there.

These are 5 Typical Handicrafts of Bali that you need to know. In fact, there are still many other Typical Handicrafts of Bali.
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NB: The handicrafts above not only exist in Bali, but also in other places that also have its own characteristic in every region

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