4 Creative Ideas for New Years Eve

4 Creative ideas for New Year's Eve

4 Creative Ideas for New Years Eve. I’m not a little bit of a new year. Will there be any events in the New Year?. There are holidays, do not forget to ask family, friend, friends, boyfriend, ex. There may also be plans for camping, or just a grilled grill on the terrace or side of the house. Make that there is work or singles, in the House Aja Ya, let G baper hehehe. Instead of traps stuck on the road and can not go where, yes, right.

Make that want a small party to welcome the New Year, Udah Siapin anything NIH to welcome the New Year later?. Uda buy hats, trumpet, blower Party, fireworks (do not Mercon ya)?. If not, do not buy first. While there is still time, you can create your own tools that will make your new year more festive. Well here are 4 creative ideas for New Years Eve that will definitely make your New Years Eve more festive. Do not need to go out a lot of money, you can use used goods that you have to make it. The result is depends on the creativity you wrote, hehehe:)

1. Sedotan Blower Party

For those who like the party certainly know with the name Bllower party. Or that may be a regular come to a birthday event definitely tida foreign with that thing. As the picture above, the blower party is a tool formed from a tube with paper on the tip that is flatten and rolled into a coil, and that is detached when blown. For you who have not siapin blower party, EITTSS.. Do not buy first. You can make your own Kok just by using a straw and paper. It’s pretty easy, you just follow the steps below:

  • Prepare paper, straw, scissors, pencil/ballpoint, and glue
  • Paper scissors form a rectangular
  • Fold and glue both paper forming like a long small envelope
  • Roll paper with pencil/ballpoint
  • Straw to small scissors, as you wish
  • Attach the open tip of the paper/envelope to the straw
  • And a blower ready to use
  • If you want a sound, just input the little whistle from the end of the straw

2. Ornament of paper

Well for one will be very useful for you who know the new year at home or in the yard near the house. New Years Eve is less complete if there are no decorations typical New Year decorating our place. Make sure there are decorations especially when celebrating the new year as many people. Yup for you who do not have any decorations, do not buy first. If you can create your own New Year decoration of the material or goods that exist. One with paper. It’s quite easy, just scissors and paste it depends on the model or shape you’re going to make. Well here are some references that you can apply to create your own New Year decorations.

3. Candy Spot of paper

New Years Eve there must be sweets also dong. I’m not a… Make a waiting day or wait for the satay or the grilled meat is complete. Can also make a longer wait for a turn to Deketin si he ^_^. Well for the place you can create your own bro n sis. If you put the usual toplesudah, try to make your own candy place. You can also make a candy place with only the raw material of used newspaper paper. Instead of the chord G read, mending made a useful, yes. It’s quite easy bro n sis. You just have to go through the scissors, then fold and glue until it is long. After it is rolled and in glue. Create a bunch and one roll with the other. If still confused, there is some references:

Special Little Candy ^_^

4. Decorative Lights

Well another one that can not miss ya. Just like ornament from paper, this will be very useful for you who know the new year at home or in the yard near home. Decorative lamp is one of the decorations that must be on New Years Eve. Evening night If there is not a dark light boss, hehe. But if the installation is only with ordinary lights, g exclamation. Let’s be different and not mainstream, you can use decorative lights to illuminate your New Years Eve. Eitss.. Again this is not necessary to buy. This decorative lamp can be made by using used materials or items that are around you. For example, you can use used cardboard (new gpp also), glass or drink bottles, etc. Here are some decorative lighting references that you can sample.

Well that’s 4 creative ideas that you can use for your New Years Eve. Happy celebrating for those celebrating the New year. May we continue along with our family, friends, companions, spouses and be happy with them. Hopefully next year be the beginning for us to start new things. Our targets or objectives can be achieved. For those who want to marry also next year, hopefully done well. Happy New Year (think Aja Emot fireworks).

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