Handicrafts That Can be Sold at Home

Handicrafts that can be sold at home. What guess?. Handicrafts are one of the works that require creativity and persistence ...
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9 Ideas of handicraft business at home

Ideas of handicraft business. Home is one of the places that can create new works of work. If developed well, ...
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51 Typical Motif Batik in Yogyakarta (Traditional Motif)

Motif Batik in Yogyakarta is very much liked and sought by most people. Because the color and motive is very ...
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The success secret of Dea Valencia Owner Batik culture

Batik is one of Indonesian handicrafts that is proud of the Indonesian nation. Batik has been designated as an Indonesian ...
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Success Story of Sally Giovanny Owner Batik Trusmi

Sally Giovanny is one of the young entrepreneurs who succeed in the field of handicraft especially Batik. Sally Giovanny is ...
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