12 Souvenirs from Bali That You Must Buy

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Souvenirs from Bali that you must buy. Holiday is not as empty as it seems if not bought souvenirs to take home. As a vegetable without salt, by being one part of your holiday, especially for those of you who are on vacation in distant places. Well if you are or planning for a holiday in Bali, surely you will not miss to buy by the right. Well here are some references souvenirs from bali that you must buy.


Who does not know Joger?. Joger or Factory Shop the words are one of the places that should not be missed when we visit Bali. Everyone who to Bali will definitely stop by here to buy by by. Joger sells various souvenirs or souvenirs by Bali. Examples of products sold are t-shirts, souvenirs, shoes, sandals etc. The uniqueness of Joger compared to other products is the words that will be in each product. This is what causes joger is often referred to as the Factory shop of words.

Factory Shop Joger words are on Jl. Raya Kuta, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. The location is very strategic and close to the tourism of Kuta Beach is about 1.3 km. You just have to travel about 30 minutes from there. The motorbike and car parking areas are spacious. But almost every day is always full because of the visitor’s life. Especially during school holidays, Eid holidays and the new year. You also are traveling in the Bedugul area, you can visit the Joger shop which is in Suppus. The address is at Jalan Mekarsari No. 16, Luwus, Baturiti Bedugul, Bali. Both stores are open every day in the same hour which is 10:00 WITA. Different only in the lid hour only. If Joger Kuta closes at 20:00 WITA or 8 pm, while Joger Luwus closes at 18:00 WITA or 6 o’clock in the afternoon.

Factory store Location Words Joger:
Kuta: Jl. Raya Kuta, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali.
Luwus: Jalan Mekarsari No. 16, Luwus, Baturiti Bedugul, Bali
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Milk Pie

The milk Pie is typical Bali food or hawker more precisely. The shape is similar to pie bread but small in size. The unique flavor of the milk pie is the taste of milk that tastes good and the tongue on the aloe. There are various types of milk pie that can kyou buy ie Original, vanilla, chocolate, Strawberry, beans, cheese and so on. This milk Pie is suitable to be made by because of its durability. The milk Pie can last until Semingggu. In addition to being eaten directly as a snack, you can also enjoy the milk pie in other ways. For example milk pie served with tea or coffee.

In Bali there are various kinds of milk pie that you can buy. One of them Pie Susu Sari. This is not an advertisement or anything, but it is the milk pie of this sari one of the milk pie that is bought by many tourists who visit Bali. Pie Susu Sari is an original homemade milk pie cake with a quality & assured flavor. This milk Pie uses quality raw material without preservatives. The best selling milk Pie products is the Original milk Pie contents of 6 Pcs with the price of Rp. 10,000. They also sell a variety of other dairy pie products such as cheese, chocolate cheese, and various flavors. Sari Milk Pie Assorted flavor can contain chocolate, Strawberry, Pandan, and Original flavor.

Pie Milk Sari Shop location:
Jl. Saturn No. 21 Denpasar-Bali
Phone: 081238578587

Disco Beans

Despite its name disco beans, does not mean this nut for people who want to disco Aja. Disco beans are nuts made from peanuts that are fried in flour and have been mixed with spices. Disco beans have a shape similar to the usual flour beans. The difference between flour on disco beans is quite thick and between the nuts with one other sometimes adjacent to each other. If you like the disco beans are quite savory, a little sweet salty and a little tasted. For the price itself varies. Disco Beans with net 250 grams range from RP 16,000 to RP 20.000 while net 500 grams sold around 35,000 to RP 40.000.

Disco beans are merk of typical Bali food which is often used as a culinary janajan while traveling to Bali. Disco beans have a very crispy taste. Extra spicy flavor makes processed Bali disco beans much sought by many people. Bali disco beans are sold at a very affordable price so almost everyone has ever tried to enjoy the Bali disco beans. There are a lot of disco nuts brands circulating on the market. But the best known disco nut brand in Bali is Disco Mami. And again this is not an advertisement ya temen-temen. Disco Mami has a variety of flavors, ranging from extra spicy, sweet, prawn, and barbeque.

Round rattan bag

Round rattan bag Bali is now very attractive by many people both teenagers and adults. In Instagram a lot of photo uploads featuring various kinds of round rattan bags. Actually, rattan bags are not only round shape, but some are square, even five or six. Rattan bag that has become the target of the people is the Bali round rattan bag. Rattan handbag Bali is a handicraft product from Bali. They want the bag to be a collection, by or just follow the trend. But it can not be denied that this Bali rattan bag is suitable to be souvenirs from bali that you must bring home.

Bali rattan handbag is a unique and artistic bag. In addition, this bag is also much liked because it is environmentally friendly. Rattan handbag Bali You can find in all areas of Bali tourism, especially the round rattan bag. But the palliing is a lot to be found in the Ubud market. More than 20 kinds of rattan bags are sold there. You can choose rattan bag that you like to be souvenirs from bali. You can also buy this bag at Sukowati market. But if you buy there, have to bargain yes.

Location:P Asar Ubud Art: Ubud, Gianyar subdistrict, Ubud, Gianyar Regency,
Sukawati art BaliPasar: Sukawati Highway, Sukawati, Gianyar regency, Bali

Fabrics and Balinese clothes

Baju Bali has a wide selection of pictures and thin materials are good to wear. Bali clothes use a fast dry material, which is suitable for use when playing on the beach Bali. Balinese clothes with various models, patterns and designs of typical Balinese motifs are sold everywhere. Motifs or images used are usually images of barong or writing I love Bali. Bali clothes are very much sold in all areas of Bali. One of the places you can go to buy a good Balinese clothes is a souvenir village. Bali clothes from souvenir village is made of good textile materials with a wide selection of motifs and colors of Balinese clothes. The advantage of Balinese clothes is using quality materials, cold and comfortable to wear, neat stitching, then durable and durable.

Bali fabrics are also often become by by the ordinary bought on vacation to Bali. One example of Balinese fabric is Bali beach cloth. This Bali beach cloth is a lot of interest because the fabric is cool and comfortable to wear. In addition, his motives that continue to evolve make people never bored of wearing them. In addition to being used by the by, this cloth is also often used by tourists while enjoying tourism dii Bali. As the name suggests, this Balinese beach cloth is very suitable for use when walking to the beach. Tourists who visit Bali and want to walk on the beach are many using Balinese fabrics. They feel as if not wearing this Bali beach cloth.

Bali Batik

Batik that has high quality usually shows the social status of a person in the eyes of society. Like the use of labels or famous designer brands that show a person’s wealth. The quality of batik in Bali is very good. Batik in Bali tries to demonstrate its quality by relying on the craftsman’s creativity and local culture. Batik Bali is made directly by the creative hands of craftsmen in Bali. Bali is also very thick with its art and culture also affects the development of batik in Bali.

Batik motif in Bali is very distinctive with local wisdom. In each of its creation, motif batik Bali has a characteristic that is different from batik motifs in other areas. One of them is the accent given on the Balinese batik motif is not as big as each other. A blend of traditional and modern motifs that become one. Batik Bali also apply a mix of authentic Balinese culture with Bali island culture. Therefore batik motif Bali is very distinctive and beautiful, suitable to be souvenirs from bali.

To find out more about batik Bali motif, you can click the link below: 6
Batik Bali motifs you should know

Bali Bracelet

The holidays to Bali are less complete without accessories as souvenirs from bali such as bracelets. Bali bracelet has many models and materials. You can make accessories that can be adapted to your clothes in Bali. Whether you’re a feminine, casual, or exotic look, you can mix n match using a typical Balinese bracelet. Bali is very thick with ethnic nuance and has a high artistic taste. No wonder Balinese craftsmen are able to produce a variety of handicrafts and quality artwork such as this Bali bracelet. No wonder that both local and foreign tourists are very interested in buying a Bali bracelet for the holidays. To get this Bali bracelet, almost in all places in Bali tourist attraction selling bracelet Bali. So, you can get it easily if you go to a tourist attraction.


Balinese paintings are very much sought because of their unique shape and contain very high artistic value. The workmanship is so neat that it produces a quality piece and makes it one of the world’s most famous paintings. If you want to buy paintings as souvenirs from bali, look for paintings sold directly by craftsmen who make them. He knew clearly the meaning behind the painting. Paintings made for sale will be different results when compared to paintings that are ordered in bulk.

If you want to buy a painting as souvenirs from bali, you can visit the Kumbasari art market. In addition to buying paintings, visitors can also learn painting techniques. Craftsmen or painting artists at the Kumbasari art market are willing to discuss their paintings. In addition, you can also buy paintings at Guwang market. They sell paintings depicting the scenery, the traditional nuance of Bali, to modern paintings, abstract, and minimalist. The price of the paintings varies from 50 rb to millions rupiahs to 1 painting.

Where to buy paintings in Bali: P Asar Kumbasari Art: Jl. Gajah Mada, Pemecutan, Denpasar Bar., Denpasar City, Ba
liPasar Sukawati art Guwang: Jl. Raya Guwang No. 5, Guwang, Sukawati, Gianyar regency, Bali

Wood carving Crafts

Who does not know the product of wood carving from Bali. Almost everyone especially foreign tourists will know about how unique and quality wood carving products from Bali. Various product carving antique model of Bali made from raw wood, long time always got orders from abroad. The products in the form of door leaves and walls of wood raw materials carved and painted with antique models became high value art goods in foreign markets. Woodcarving craftsmen scattered in Bali are very creative in developing new designs that suit the tastes and financial conditions of consumers both locally and internationally.

For you who want by or souvenir of Balinese wood carving, you can buy some kind of product. Start from a rather large wooden banana tree, wooden flowers, Balinese wooden masks etc. You can also buy by typical small Balinese like wooden signage, wooden jewelry boxes, key chains, wind bells, etc. Wood carvings sold in Bali consist of many kinds of colors with various color and shape options that you can find in art shops in the area of Bali.

One of the areas in Bali that is known as a producing area of wood carving crafts with high artistic value Is Gianyar. Wood carving handicraft products from Gianyar have a distinctive design, neat carving details and high quality raw material. It’s no wonder that the selling price can penetrate dozens and even tens of millions. The traditional wood carving handicraft from Gianyar also has gained its market in foreign countries.

Coconut Shell Crafts

Tempurung or we commonly call coconut shells can be transformed into beautiful and attractive as an artwork lho. There are many products that Beisa made from coconut shells, especially for souvenirs. The products that are suitable for you to make by by or souvenir from coconut shell are signage, lampshade, piggy Bank, tissue box, wallet, mask, accessories, bag and interior decoration. The size varies according to your needs.

Coconut shells can easily be found in all the art shops and souvenir shops in the tourist areas of Bali. You can also find them in craft stores, souvenir shops and PKL. If you want to go directly to the center of making various kinds of coconut handicrafts, you can get to Tampaksiring, Gianyar, Bali. There you can find a lot of handicrafts from coconut shells for you to make souvenirs from bali. Making shell crafts or coconut shells has become a tradition for local residents.

Bali Ethnic Sandals

Why have sandals, in Kotaku also many sandals. Eittss.. Do not say so first. Sandals I mean instead of ordinary sandals. This ethnic Bali sandals is different from other sandals aka not the mainstream. This Sandal is handmade by local craftsmen in Bali. The characteristic of this sandal is ornament of the sequins or beads on the top so it looks so pretty. For girls who want to relax but tetep beautiful, can tuh take home this sandal. Make a guy do not ya. If buy for the partner not APA2 origin do not buy for yourself, hehe. Make a real guy also there are flat sandals and there are also wedges with models and color options vary.

Silver Jewelry

Taukah you if silverware made in Bali craftsmen have international standard quality lho. Silver handicrafts in Bali attracts many tourists both locally and internationally to buy it. Especially the female tourists, surely do not want to miss to buy this one craft product. Beautiful and contemporary jewelry models become a magnet for women tourists to have them. Silver Handicrafts sold on the market are rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches, and other beautiful accessories.

One of the places that produce or make silver handicrafts in Bali is Gianyar. All silver jewellery produced in Gianyar is pure silver mixed with other metals such as copper. The silver craftsmen from Gianyar have successfully created a variety of jewellery designed and done manually and assisted by the factory machines. But to buy it you do not need to manufacture factory in Gianyar. You can simply search in various art shop shops or jewellery galleries in Sanur, Kuta, or some of the most complex jewellery shops in Denpasar.

That was 12 souvenirs from Bali you must buy. By what do you think is interesting?. During the holiday season, do not enjoy the tour. Do not forget to buy by by for family, neighbors, friends, companions, girlfriends, ex (UPS), husbands, wives, etc. And happy holidays for you who will be holiday later. Hopefully your holiday is enjoyable.

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