10 Crafts from Bamboo

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Crafts from bamboo. Bamboo is a plant species of grasses that have a cavity and sections in the trunk. Most of us definitely know Dong Bamboo. If not know, Resurrection Deh. Bamboo is also one of the tools or weapons used by our heroes to fight against the invaders. This weapon, known as bamboo, is used by freedom fighters because of the many bamboo plants. But now bamboo is no longer made as a weapon, but also made into handicrafts. In Indonesia, there are many unique and cool bamboo handicrafts.

10 Crafts of Bamboo

As we know bamboo handicrafts have been many in Indonesia. Many of us see the use of bamboo as the main ingredient of handicrafts. With its creative hands, craftsmen make good use of bamboo. Indirectly bamboo is also utilized for tool tools that help us in daily life. Like bamboo handicrafts, let’s look at the following example:

1. Angklung

Angklung is a traditional musical instrument that develops in Sundanese society in the West Java island. Angklung is a dual-tone musical instrument. This instrument is made of bamboo and is sounded by shaking. The sound resulting from angklung caused by a collision of bamboo pipes resulting in a sound that vibrates in the arrangement of Tones 2, 3, to 4 tones in each size, both large and small. Angklung is a traditional instrument of Indonesian native music that has been known all over the world.

Angklung consists of 3 parts namely the sound tube, skeleton and base. All of it is made with bamboo base material. The process of making good anglung is complicated. Bamboo is not used in vain. The bamboo age must be more than 4 years and a maximum of 6 years and it must be cut from 9 am to 3 pm. I do not know what the effect is like, but it is done by most of the craftsmen Angklung. Kamudian bamboo is cut into size and stored within a certain period of time. Then bamboo is processed with a certain procedure until it can be installed and make Angklung.

2. Candle Holder

Candles are one of the lighting tools that can be used to illuminate in dark. Wax is actually harmless if we do not mess with it, but it will be different if we play it. The drip or melt of the wax that is heated if the skin gets dangerous. It can cause pain and damage to your skin. Therefore you need to make a good and safe candle holder. If you are a high-creativity person, you can make bamboo handicrafts of a candle holder.

You don’t need a lot of bamboo to make it. You just have to provide one piece of bamboo as it is in the picture, then fill the bamboo with a candle, finished Deh. Quite easy and simple right. You can also decorate it with carvings if you want. But if you want to create a different shape of the candle holder, you can see the example below.

3. Bamboo Helmets

Helmets are one of the things not to be missed from motorcyclists. Moreover, for you who really want a motorcycle, besides having a collection of motorcycles must have a large collection of helmets too. Well for you who want to have a different helmet, you can make your own helmet.

As the picture above the puzzle game from the paper you can make it easily. Just by cutting the cardboard by adjusting the shape you want, then coloring it, you can already make a puzzle game from cardboard. Perhaps this puzzle game is one of the handicrafts of cardboard that is easiest to make.

4. Bicycle

Who used to have a bicycle or who is still using the bike. When you ride it happily, the sound of a bell that is rarely heard in today’s modern era. Take it around the place where you live and with your friend. You can also make this bike as one of the tools for you to exercise. Take it to a distant place, through turns, rampers and derivatives.

For you who want to use bicycles, you don’t need to buy a bicycle. You can make your own, just by using bamboo base material. Bicycles are one of bamboo handicrafts that have a considerable size. You can use this bamboo as a material to make the skeleton. For other parts, you can use common parts that are commonly used on bicycles. If you don’t have bamboo that’s big enough to make a bike, you can make a bike miniature first. You can replicate the bike’s miniature shape as shown below:

5. Crop Place

Almost the same as a miniature bike that can also be used to place plants, bamboo can also be used for a special place of plants. If you have a favorite plant that every day you take care of and you flush, you are obliged to give it a pot or plant place. Plants will look more beautiful if placed in the Pot or place plants. In addition, the plant is easy to move its place. Pots or places of plants will be very useful for plants that are often moved in place. Including with plants that you are usual to put in the room table or near your window.

If you do have a favorite plant, you definitely want to give it the best place for your favorite crops. If you buy Pot for your crops, you can only select the shape of the existing shape. Most of the shapes are just like big glasses. The time for the plant is very ordinary pot:). You can use bamboo to make a place for plants plus its airsystem. For example, you can see the picture above. You can also use bamboo to place a simple flower as follows:

6. Bamboo Glass

Drinking coffee on the mountain with a cool atmosphere of mountains does taste delicious. For you, the coffee connoisseur would not miss that moment. Hot drinks with cool natural nuance is very delicious. Do you usually drink warm drinks using what glass?. If you are wearing ordinary glasses, the natural atmosphere is reduced. Have you ever tried a glass of bamboo?. Bamboo is one of the ingredients of nature that can make your drink warm taste more delicious, especially if the atmosphere is supportive. If you are the first to make crafts from bamboo, you can make a glass that is simple as shown below:

7. Mobile Speaker

One of my favorite crafts from bamboo is this mobile speaker. For music lovers, definitely need a really name speaker. A lot of speakers are sold on the market. They are large speakers to special speakers for phones that are relatively small in size. But all these speakers need a power source to use them. Bener or True. Have you seen the speaker for your mobile phone that can be used even without any power source?. As you can see in the picture of the phone speaker shown it does look simple, but it is one of the speakers that can be used without using power source.

You can also create phone speakers with no resources like the ones in the image. This phone Speaker is one of bamboo handicrafts that is very useful especially for millenials like you. These speakers can produce quite loud sound like speakers in general. The difference is that this bamboo mobile Speaker can be used anywhere and anytime, even when the lamp or power is dead though.

8. Lamp Place

The lamp is one of crafts from bamboo that is easy to make. Light place like this ordinary you meet in cafe or hangout that use natural nuance. The place of bamboo lamps can also be an alternative to the lights in your room. Very suitable for you who want to have a room with a more natural nuance. In addition to getting its natural nuance, you can also save spending on buying the place of the lamp.

9. Bamboo Chairs and tables

Who says the chair of the bamboo is outdated? Many people, hehehe. But, have you ever been to a place of resort or hotel with a natural and traditional nuance?. It turns out that they are still using chairs made of wood, including bamboo. Actually, the chair of the bamboo is not jadul, but it is different from the modern chair. If you want a natural and traditional nuance, you would prefer a chair made of bamboo.

Bamboo chairs and tables are suitable to be placed outdoors or in a place that has a natural or traditional nuance. For the manufacture of chairs and tables from bamboo this is arguably quite complicated. Although it looks easy, only experienced craftsmen can make it. The material used is also not arbitrary. Bamboo is a bamboo that has the power to accommodate the weight of people in order not to break.

10. Bamboo House

Who wants or has a dream home?. For those who are still not able to buy a house in the middle of the city, you can make your own home using bamboo base material. To create a house like the one in the picture, you need a lot of bamboo. Not only many but also strong, let me not easily collapse. Not funny right when you make home from bamboo and exposed to rain a little bit straight collapsed. If indeed you really really want to make a home from bamboo, you can also create a house like this:

Those are 10 crafts from bamboo that you need to know. Actually, there are many other bamboo handicrafts.
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