5 Typical Handicrafts of Bali

Typical Handicrafts of Bali. Bali is a province in Indonesia with Denpasar as its capital. In addition to being the provincial name, Bali is also an island that belongs to the Nusa Tenggara Islands. So Bali is the provincial and island name. Well talk about Bali, what comes to your mind? Beach, Tourist, Kecak, or […]

Craft from Used Goods

The craft from used goods will discuss about whatever works or crafts we can make from used goods. As we know that secondhand goods are residual goods or items that are no longer usable. Some people call it a garbage. Eittss.. But in the hands of creative craftsmen, used goods can be transformed into a […]

A Cool Handicrafts You Should Know (FULL)

Handmade handicrafts are derived from the word “hand” which means hand and “made” which means making. Handicrafts can be interpreted by making by hand or handmade. Handicrafts are crafts made using the creativity of the craftsmen hand that made them. Here is examples: Knitting Handicrafts Hand-crafted knitting (Knitting) is a method of making fabrics, garments […]

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